[Kids] shouldn't have a choice. They should be wearing cut-resistant everything.
In ten years from now, they'll be so used to it we won't have to convince them--if they get to this level--to wear them.
—Pierre Gervais
Equipment Manager/Trainer
Montreal Canadiens

I think it's great that there are companies out there that are trying to make it safer, not only for us, but for kids that are growing up playing the game.
I've never been cut, but I've seen cuts happen. I know it does happen.
I don't think I would hesitate to equip my kids with those kinds of innovations knowing that they're out there now
—Josh Gorges, Defenseman
Montreal Canadiens

Any time you can protect somebody- I mean we've seen lots of cuts with skates on guys' legs- it's obviously a good
—Travis Moen, Forward
Montreal Canadiens

Looking at the materials of ‘the Gladiator’- they're amazing. To have that protection from Achilles' all the way up to the groin;
if one pair of socks can prevent any type of severe cut, regardless of whether that cut keeps a player out for an extended period or just one game, it's a
—Kirk Llano, Head Coach
Lower Canada College
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Gladiator Cut-Resistant
Hockey Socks
April 2012 Interview
Joe Corvo on
Gladiator Cut-Resistant
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RDS Discusses NHL cuts and Gladiator Socks cut-resistant technology Dyneema®
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